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Our current session of classes will end on February 7th

New session will begin on February 10, 2020! Registration form & Class times for February/March are HERE!

For detailed information on the UPCOMING (2/10/2020 - 3/27/2020) session dates, times, and prices for all of our classes click here! *Printable Calendar here*

This session we will offer:

Learn to Skate Classes- Snowplow Sam for ages 3-6, Basic Skills ages 7+, Hockey Skills ages 7+, and Freestyle classes for those who have moved beyond the Basic Skills levels.

Teen/Adult Skills for ages 13+- This class teaches the basics of skating to teenagers and adults. No skating experience is necessary.

Hockey Power/Skills/Practice- This is a power and skating skills class designed to help players increase their speed and agility and strengthen their technical skating skills. 

Bridge Club- for advancing skaters who have reached Basic 5 or higher and are looking to advance their technical skills quicker, and learn about more aspects of skating and training. 

Ice Dance Class- this class focuses on the discipline of Ice Dancing. Learn the very basics of Ice Dance using the Learn to Skate USA Ice Dance curriculum.

For detailed information on the active session dates, times and prices click here!** **this pdf is for the session 1/2/2020 - 2/7/2020

For more detailed information on our offerings visit our Programs page, and our classes page. 

If you or someone in your family wants to learn to skate for any reason, we can help them enjoy skating and take their interest to the next level. Whether it's figure sating, hockey or just a recreational interest we we have classes, instructors, and ice time available to accommodate most anyone's schedule and budget.