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We know that becoming a part of the skating world can be confusing, so here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What should my child wear to skating classes? A common misconception is that your child should be as bundled up as they can be because ice rinks are cold. Actually, what is recommended when skating, your skater should wear: thin tall socks, gloves, layered clothing that is easy to move around in, no snowsuits, stay away from loose baggy clothing, a jacket or fleece. A helmet is required for all snowplow skaters and all Basic 1 skaters regardless of age. Once your skater has advanced out of these levels it is at the parent and skaters choice if a helmet is worn. A simple bicycle helmet works great!

Can I rent skates, or do I have to have my own? You or your skater do not need to have your own skates to participate. Skate rental is available during all class times for $2.50 cash OR we offer skate rental punch cards, which can be purchased in the skating office. We often advise you try skating with rental skates first before you purchase your own.

Is there a discount if I sign up more than one child? Yes, we offer an additional family member discount of 10%. 

Is there a discount if I sign up my child for more than one class? Yes, we offer an multi-class discount of 10%. 

What is the Learn to Skate USA fee? Learn to Skate USA is the organization who administers the group lesson program that we teach at TSC. This fee joins you as a member to that organization, allows you to receive all of the fun informational materials that guide you on your way in skating. This also allows your skater to compete in Basic Skills competitions, and covers them under our programs insurance. This fee is a once a year fee, the skating season runs from June-June. So once you have purchased this for the season, you won't have to do it again until the following June.

What do you mean by flexible classes? I'm not sure I understand how that works. For our evening and Saturday group lesson classes we offer a flexible schedule. You choose 6, 8, 10 or 14 class sessions. You may attend on any day the class your are enrolled in is offered. You do not have to stick to a certain day, and you do not have to stick to just one day a week. If it works for you to come on Monday one week, but Thursday another you are free to do that. If you miss a week for illness and vacation, you may attend twice in one week to make up for it. Leftover classes at the end of the session do NOT carry over to the next session, so make sure you use up all of your purchased classes within the session time frame.