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TSC Club Membership

Troy Skating Club offers many different types of memberships for all members of your family including the non-skating members. Joining Troy Skating Club also joins you and your skater as part of U.S. Figure Skating and gives you many privileges and perks. 


Whats in it for me?

  • Represent Troy Skating Club at competitions
  • Participate in USFS Testing and Qualifying Competitions
  • Subscription to SKATING magazine
  • Ability to contract and skate on Club Ice times
  • Participation in club special events
  • Eligibility for many club sponsored awards and scholarships

Membership Types & Cost

  • Introductory Membership $35- This membership is designed for first time club members and first time Bridge Club members. You may only be an introductory member for 1 year.
  • Adult Membership $80- Skating members of the club who are over the age of $18
  • Bridge Club/BOD/Coaches & Non-Skating Membership $65- This membership is for any Bridge Club participant who has already used their introductory period, this membership is also for members of the Board, Coaches, and non-skating patrons who would like to be members. 
  • Senior Club/Skating Member $95- This type of membership is for people who are skating members of the club, who are not in Bridge Club.
  • Associate Membership $50-Associate memberships are available to skaters who are already full members to another club but would like to also be a member at TSC.
  • Collegiate Membership $85- Collegiate memberships are available for any college student and are good for 4 years. 
  • Subsequent Membership $35- Subsequent membership is available for additional family members who would like to join the club.

The membership year runs from July 1st-June 30th of each year.

Volunteer Requirements & Fundraising Opportunities

By choosing to join the club you are also required to participate in volunteer hours. 

20 hours for Senior Club/Skating Members, 15 hours for BOD, 10 hours for Bridge Club, and other patron non-skating members. 

Members may choose to opt-out of volunteer hours with a donation to the club of $10 per required volunteer hour.

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities at the club, and the club cannot exist without the help of volunteers, we urge you to please contribute your time to help our organization.

You can volunteer in several ways to earn money towards your skaters skating expenses. For details on how you can earn money for your skater and Troy Skating Club please view our Fundraising Policy. 

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